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Fostering a dog is not always easy. There may be challenging moments when caring for a new dog, but remember that it should get easier in time, and that your foster dog needs you. When you commit to fostering for a certain duration of time, please keep your word (barring true emergencies). There may be chewed shoes, there may be accidents, and you might be woken up at odd hours sometimes. It's normal! When you receive our Foster Roster plea to foster a dog, we ask that you have an open mind and open heart! Fostering is not always easy, but it's pretty amazing.

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Animal Lighthouse
Badass Brooklyn
Friends with Four Paws
Hearts and Bones
In Our Hands
Louie's Legacy
Muddy Paws
Sean Casey
Shelter Chic
Social Tees
Sochi Dogs
Sugar Mutts
Twenty Paws
Korean K9 Rescue
Mr. Bones & Co

If you are interested in being a "Forever Foster" caretaker for our "Fospice" program for dogs in their end-of-life months, check the box below. Learn more about the program here

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While we will keep track of the progress of any dog on our site, we do not handle the foster (or adoption) approval process, as that is the duty of the participating rescue organization. Information is provided to us by said organization. Once you begin communication with the third party (rescue group), Foster Dogs Inc is here for questions/comments/suggestions, but it becomes the responsibility of the rescue organization to continue the conversation and to review your application. Read more about our Foster Roster here

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